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A growing number of people are experiencing a Short-term Mission Trip that has drastically changed their life. Today's reduced travel costs and enhanced communications have opened up a world of mission opportunities to laypeople everywhere. You will never be the same when you return from serving in a land that has so little in material wealth, but is rich in personal desire to know the real source of love. Embrace the Creator of the Universe with the soul of a hungry person longing to be loved. Are you willing to reach out and touch someone's life by being Jesus in the flesh?

At ENGAGE MISSIONS, we believe that many people are ready for short-term mission trips that will transform their lives and the lives of those in foreign countries. Through such trips you can build your faith and continue to grow beyond your wildest thoughts. You really can reach a higher level of potential than you ever imagined and be fulfilled in Christ as you serve on a foreign mission field.

Africa is calling.
Will you:
Pray ??
Give ??
Go ??
We are going to
Rwenjiri, Uganda, Africa
to hold a medical clinic, children’s activities, construction, and community outreach.
We will work with the Imani Milele Children’s Ministry.

Rwenjiri is located near the U on the Uganda map below.

Last year we worked in another small village and saw many local villagers blessed by the outreach. We used the two classrooms that were built by our team the year before. Over 4000 patients were seen in the medical clinic. Over 1000 children participated in activities. The community was encouraged by the volunteer work witnessed.

Uganda Map


Please PRAY – God’s guidance is needed as His work is continued.
Please GIVE – funds for medication and medical needs of the villagers (they do not have nor can afford health care), lightweight toys, school supplies (teaching posters), flashcards, etc, and small gifts.
Please GO - It is not too late to join the team, but you need to hurry in order for arrangements to be made.

A patient who continues with our prayers and support is:

  1. 2 year old Baby Jorin with bilateral eye cataracts. Funding was provided and she had both eye lenses removed in 2016. She is now wearing spectacles and enjoying sight. She turned 2 years old in February. She will need surgery again to implant new permanent lenses to last her lifetime. More funds are needed for that surgery – about $1000.

Tax Deductible Donations can be made to:
Life Management Ministries: Engage Missions
1128 Royal Palm Beach Blvd #345
Royal Palm Beach FL 33411

Thank you for your prayers and gifts.
Judy Williams, Nurse Practitioner
Life Management Ministries: Engage Missions