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In developing countries 2.5 billion people use biomass fuel – wood, charcoal, or animal dung – for cooking. In sub-Saharan Africa 80% of people use biomass fuel, and 50% in India and China. Indoor air pollution resulting from this practice is a major killer. 1.5 million people die each year (4000 per day), half of them are below age 5. Biomass fuel causes more deaths than malaria or TB.


World evangelism statistics: What would our world look like?

Raw population statistics overwhelm you. Here's one way of visualizing the world and its economic, housing, health, religious and educational needs:

Shrink the earth's population to one village of exactly 100 people. Apply the earth's racial, economic and other ratios to these 100 people Here's how this village would look:

This list is not presented to cause guilt; it is simply the picture of reality.

Research by Rekha Balu, Christine Engelken, and Jennifer Grosso. - Last Updated: April 26, 2015 | URL: home.snu.edu/~hculbert/village.htm