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South Sudan Map

The Republic of South Sudan with Juba as its capital voted to receive independence in 2011. It is inhabited mostly by Christians of African descent and is approximately a quarter of the size of the whole of Sudan. Despite being endowed with oil, which is the base of South Sudan’s economy, a full 90% of the population lives below the poverty line -- surviving on just 50 cents a day.

Africa's longest running civil war lasting over two decades brought local conflicts and devastating humanitarian crisis to the region of South Sudan. The conflict between Sudan's Muslim north and mainly Christian south officially ended in January 2005.

This war pitted rebel factions of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army against the government of Sudan, It destroyed the region’s infrastructure, wiped out livelihoods, and left the entire population vulnerable to hunger and diseases. Two million people died during the war and four million were displaced from their homes, according to the UN.

South Sudan Map
Brief Statistics
  • Region: Eastern Africa
  • GDP per capita: US$90
  • Population below the poverty line: 90%
  • HIV prevalence: 1.6%
  • Life expectancy: 42 years
  • Infant mortality rate:  150 per 1000 live births

Sources: New Sudan Centre for Statistics and Evaluation

South Sudan is beginning to enjoy the dividends of peace. Reconstruction and recovery activities are gaining ground with the establishment of the Government of South Sudan and its working partnerships with humanitarian agencies. Key issues include:

ENGAGE MISSIONS work in South Sudan:

With the help of local pastors, we help facilitate family and church needs. Volunteers like you can make a huge impact on this war-torn country one individual at a time though medical clinics and post-trauma training.

Pastor Moses Tabon

Pastor Moses Tabon

Kajo-Keji & Juba
South Sudan

"Me am doing well in the ministry with the team. It is our prayers that the Lord God open for us the way, so that something might happen for His kingdom in Sudan.
Thank you very much for the great work that you have done for us in Sudan. This I pray, that God lead your mission and the vision on to achieve your goal.
God bless you very much."